family law services


We offer a full range of services relating to dissolutions of marriage and domestic partnerships. The Myburgh attorneys have extensive expertise in handling all aspects of matrimonial and family law including child custody and visitation, asset/debt distribution, child support, spousal/partner maintenance, and nullity proceedings. We represent both clients whose needs are relatively basic to those with large asset estates and highly complex issues requiring specialized experience and innovative solutions.

At Myburgh we set ourselves apart from firms that offer only basic family law services by providing high-level expertise in marital/partner dissolutions where significant financial assets are at stake and the issues are highly complex. Such a dissolution might involve, for example, large real estate holdings, family and closely held businesses, foreign citizenship, foreign assets, significant stock and option holdings, venture capital investments, and related issues. The attorneys at Myburgh handle these cases from the commencement of the proceedings through the final judgment, as well as post-judgment issues such as custody and support modifications.

Myburgh prides itself on vigorous and thorough representation of our matrimonial and family law clients, with the understanding that our clients need to be able to maintain important relationships following the termination of the litigation or representation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Myburgh represents individuals desiring to execute prenuptial agreements in advance of marriage/domestic partnership to preemptively protect property interests in the event of future dissolution of the martial/partner relationship. The attorneys at Myburgh negotiate and draft prenuptial agreements to ensure the client’s desires are accomplished that the terms of the agreement are enforceable in a court of law.

Domestic Violence

We represent individuals who seek orders to protect themselves and their children from domestic violence and those who seek to defend such orders. Domestic violence orders can also include orders for temporary custody, visitation, and support in the context of both marital and non-marital relationships.